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Fisio Julia Barcelona is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation centre with international orientation focused on physiotherapy, osteopathy, pediatric physiotherapy. In addition, we offer different follow-up plans to prevent possible relapses: PhysioTRAINING and Therapeutic Pilates.

The personalized attention, dedicating time to each patient, allows us to make an exhaustive assessment of their problem and expectations, as well as perform all the necessary techniques to properly treat their ailment and supervise the evolution of each session depending on the results of their treatment.
Our team speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French and Nederlands.

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The most important thing is to know what is the origin of the dysfunctions so you start with a test that determines with specific tests the functional capabilities, the range of joint movement and how they are related to the problems you feel. The test ends with a differential diagnosis.

Treatment is aimed at eliminating the original cause of the problems. Specific manual techniques can help to reduce tension in the muscles, since it is important to reduce stress in the joint and movement can be regained. Other techniques help to improve the movement of the joints to be able to move without pain and with the total movement.


To prolong the effect of the treatment it is important that the patient knows exactly what is the cause of his problem and how to avoid it in daily life. This is why a specific plan for each patient is given at the end of the session.


Physiotherapy is applied in different fields:

❖ Back, neck, muscle or joint pain

❖ Difficulty moving a joint

❖ Neurological, musculoskeletal, degenerative diseases

❖ Bruxism, temporomandibular pain


Physical therapy is also applied after a surgical operation or after an accident, to regain movement, gain stability, flexibility or improve muscle strength.


In pediatric physiotherapy, the development of the child or baby is valued. The therapist by means of the collaboration of the relatives helps to solve or to improve the quality of life, in different scopes such as:

❖ Difficulties in development

❖ Torticollis, Scoliosis, Hyperlordosis and Hypercifosis

❖ Congenital, neurological malformations (cerebral palsy)

❖ Neuropsychiatric Problems

❖ Premature



Osteopathy is a manual medicine dedicated to the holism of the human being, since, all the structures of the body are connected between them and interact mutually.

The therapeutic methods are intended to allow or help the body to recover from displacements, imbalances and disorganizations. Based on the recovery resources of the organism. This can be achieved through the knowledge of anatomical, physiological and psychological functions, using various approaches such as structural or functional field or visceral or cranial.

It can help to solve problems such as:

❖ Headaches, lumbago

❖ Injuries, whiplash, dysmenorrhoea

❖ Sleep apnea syndrome

❖ Asthma

❖ Irritable bowel syndrome, stomach hernias...



The idea of physical rehabilitation is linked to the treatment that a person develops to recover the condition or state he or she lost due to illness or other health conditions.

The aim is for the person to have an autonomous life, depending to the least extent possible on others, in short, it points to bodily functionality.

Rehabilitation tasks aim to improve the individual's mobility and physical abilities through exercises, manual techniques and through functional training.

Injuries affecting muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones often require physical rehabilitation to restore the strength of the components and balance in the relationship between them. A degenerative disease or traumatic event can cause these types of injuries and require rehabilitation.


FisioTRAINING Is our maintenance and prevention plan. It is a whole body functional training designed by our Physiotherapists in a personalized way to each patient according to their needs. PhysioTRAINING is the basis of our therapy and is designed to

combat chronic pain and recover lost mobility

help recovery to retrain

change personal habits to improve mobility and quality of life

Prevention of injuries and pain



The Pilates Method is a physical training method that consists of working the whole body, from the deepest to the most superficial musculature. The Pilates Method was created by the German Joseph Pilates starting from the practice in artistic gymnastics and in several martial arts like Yoga or Tai-Chi.

It is based on a deep toning of the abdominal girdle and pelvic floor, as the pillar of stability of the body in the realization of any movement. Its main objective is to improve the toning and overall flexibility of the body.  It relies on the awareness of the body itself, the alignment of the spine, breathing, fluidity of movement, concentration, control and precision of each gesture.


> provides better body control

> improves posture, flexibility, breathing capacity, body awareness

> brings relaxation and well-being to your fans


The Pilates Mat or Soil, consists of practicing Pilates with your own body weight on a mattress, without machines, with progressive exercises and adapted to each.


This method is aimed at a very varied public such as people who want to improve their physical condition, elderly people, pregnant women, children, athletes in competition, or patients in rehabilitation.


Therapeutic Pilates focuses on the

> prevention of injuries as well as in their rehabilitation.

Its INDICATIONS are very broad, as for example the

> relief of back pain, sciatica, rheumatic pain such as osteoarthritis

> overweight

> pre and postpartum

> improvement of physical condition after trauma (sprains, fractures) or injuries to the body

> controlled respiratory and cardiovascular disorders.

The exercises are individualized and adapted to the needs and against specific indications of the patient.

In each first session, the Pilates monitor will perform an assessment of the patient to determine if it is appropriate to practice Pilates.

It will also allow you to determine what type of training you will need, and if it is a physiotherapy treatment and/or previous osteopathy is necessary to alleviate joint blockages and contractures, which could limit the practice of Pilates.



JULIA GUBBA Col. Nº 11699
I am a physiotherapist and paediatric physiotherapist of German origin educated in Holland (Bachelor of Health) and complemented my career in 2015 with a Master in Pediatric Physiotherapy (International University of Catalonia).

I have experience of several years in different countries (Germany, Holland, Spain, Argentina) in orthopedic, neurological and chronic treatments of both children and adults.
In 2016 I started the activity as Fisio Julia Barcelona.

Individualized work, study, continuing education and experience gained during my professional career form the basis of my knowledge and treatment.



I finished my studies in 2008 at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

The desire to continue learning and recycling my knowledge led me to do the Master of Sports Physiotherapy and different courses related to sport and other branches of physiotherapy (geriatrics, neurology ...). This led me to different activities in geriatric residences, sports teams and private practice.

Later on, the clinical experience I had acquired over the years, fed my desire to continue learning and, in 2015, I took the Master in Osteopathy with the intention of treating the person in a holistic way, ie, treat the body as a "whole" and not as an independent set of organs and structures. With the aim of improving and recovering the general balance of the body and being more effective when treating my patients.


Elisa Pitti Col. Nº 567


I'm a French Osteopath. I studied Osteopathy for 5 years in the
Superior Institute of Osteopathy of Lyon (France), training recognized by the Registries of Osteopaths of Spain (ROE) and France (ROF) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
I have experience of several years both in France and in Spain in
Rheumatology treatments, traumatology (tendinitis, sprains, osteoarthritis),
back pain, etc.), and other disorders (migraines, digestive disorders, etc.).
like constipation, irritable bowel, gynecology..) . I use both the techniques
of articular, muscular, fascia, visceral and cranio-sacral osteopathy according to which to help the patient regain his or her balance and improve his or her condition.
of health in its entirety.

In addition to osteopathy, I use the practice of Pilates, which makes it possible to
improve body awareness and strengthen the deep muscles of the body.
posture, to enhance the long-term effect of osteopathy treatment.
I adapt my techniques and my way of working to each patient and pathology, in order to to be able to perform a complete individualized treatment that responds better to the and the needs of the patient.


Julia m'ha ajudat a recuperar-me després d'una operació d'Hernia Discal. Té molt bona tècnica i coneixements. La recuperació ha sigut més fàcil per mi, gràcies a la seva supervisió d'exercicis i tractaments fisioterapeutes. La recomano el 100%.

Gil G



FISIO JULIA BARCELONA is a private centre. However, if you have contracted with your mutual the reimbursement modality or free choice, the physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions in Fisio Julia Barcelona can be much cheaper. If you have one of these mutuals, you present the invoice that we make for the session(s) carried out and present it to your mutual, which pays you 80-90% of the invoice. If you do not know if the modality contracted with your mutual is that of reimbursement or free choice, you should consult with them and ask them if you can choose a specialist outside their medical team.

The most common reimbursement or free choice mutuals are:

Mútua General de Catalunya, Seguros La Estrella, Sanitas Mundi, Wintherthur, Adeslas Seguros de Salud, Mapfre or DKV Seguros among others...

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


1 session 37€
5 session voucher 155€.


First session 53€
Loose sessions 49€.
3 session voucher 140€


1 session 43€
5 session voucher 180€


1 session 37€
5 sessions voucher 155€


Private session 30€
4 sessions voucher 140€


Individual 37€
4 sessions 140€
8 sessions 275€

All Bonds have an expiration date of 24 months.


To provide a good service, we like to plan ahead. Therefore, our cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to the appointment, at no cost. Otherwise, the full appointment will be charged. Thank you for your understanding.


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